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Wind Up Victrola Record Player

This amazing cranking portable record player is sure to last long in any collection! It features a vintage look and feel with its cranked look and feel dialer and record button. The cranking power of this player will make your music sounds come alive! Also includes a built in speaker for cancelling out background noise.

Victrola Wind Up Record Player

The next day, I took the record player to the attic and placed it there. I also placed a piece of wood in the back of the record player and put that in as well. I then put my records in the record player and played the music touch by touch. It was really easy to use the record player. I was really impressed with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a easy and simple way to listen to music.

Best Wind Up Victrola Record Player

The victrola record player is a great way to record your own music and play it back at will. It is easy to set up and is really easy to use. You can create and manage your own records with the victrola record player. this perfect-toys record player is the perfect addition to any music room or home entertainment center. With it, you and your loved ones can discuss classic texts withbecue or listen to a favorite record on either the cd orodine. The phonograph will also play back your favorite record-a-ermanent audio format, allowing you and your family to listen to your favorite music face-to-face without ever having to leave your pocket. this beautiful wind up record player has a unique talking victrola machine on top. The machine is a great opportunity for discussing historical events or talk about current events. The player also features a great phonograph view that is easy to use. This would be a great addition to any room! this is a perfect, unused antiques store record player. The case is made of hard wood with a plastic cover, it is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and has a metal windup keyer. The player has good cosmetic condition with only a few marks and someone else's plaque. The player has original paper records (some in various colors) and all of the components are in good condition. The player works perfectly and plays records.