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Record Player

The victrola the journey bluetooth suitcase record player is perfect for your music needs. With its 3-speed turntable and sound quality you'll be able to listen to your music to the fullest. Plus, the victrola the journey bluetooth suitcase record player is perfect for keeping your music with you always.

Record Players

There are a lot of different type of record players on the market these days. Each with their own unique features and purposes.

Vinyl Record Player

This vinyl player has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use. The built-in bluetooth receiver lets you play music from your computer or phone. The stereo speaker provides clear sound with plenty of sound pressure. This player is also easy to set up and use. the records player has a wireless signal so you can easily listen to your music from anywhere. The speaker system provides good sound with two higher-end speakers. The turntable provides a nice, smooth sound that is perfect for listening to vinyl records or cd albums. The cd cassette system is perfect for listening to music and including your favorite cd's and cassettes. the victrola bt record player is a great value for the price. It comes with a 3speed turntable and is certified for 3d listening. It also features cheap record player speakers. This player is certified for play quality and sound. It is also certified for three-dimensional viewing. the perfect record player for any music lover, the belt- driven 3-speed turntable has an easy-to-use checkout process and is drive-able by the customer without any help from a belt. The speakers are built-in, and provide excellent audio quality with class-leading sound quality.