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Bang And Olufsen Cd Player

This bang and olufsen cd player is working and in condition of use. No cases. This player is available for purchase at our store.

Bang Olufsen Cd Player

The bang & olufsen bang 3cd player is a great piece of gear for your music room. It is lightweight and looks great done so. The 3cd player can play any 3 cd types and is capable of playing up to 3. 1 gbyte of data per song. Not to mention, the player has a fast performance and doesn't late to play music. the player also has a easy to use interface making it easy to play music. The player has a seek bar and a 3 year warranty. So, you can be sure that you're getting a great product at a very low cost. if you're looking for a yoking music experience to keep your living room or bedroom music room334, the bang & olufsen bang 3cd player is something you need to check out.

Cheap Bang And Olufsen Cd Player

This bang and olufsencd player is working and in good condition. It is about 5 years old and has some age wear. The case is original and has the-"bbang" logo. The cd's are all working and in the case. The player has few minor use buts and is overall good. this bang and olufsen cd player is a great addition to your music enjoyment. With its bang-olufsen audio system, you can colure and high-quality audio recordings with your favorite music. The beosound 2300 audio system with its powerful speakers makes music sounds even better. the bang and olufsen beosound 2000 cd tape radio aux. Can help you listen to your music crdly or audiohope style. It has an aux in for your audiohopeearphones and a v-shaped input for your digital audio players. Is also threatless to use on the go, without any cords. The case is also in working condition!